Benefits of Collaborative Divorce -

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Are you considering a Collaborative Divorce, but think it must be more expensive than litigation because in addition to the lawyers, mental health and financial professionals are part of the collaborative team? Think again. Here are some of the benefits of Collaborative Divorce:

What are the benefits of Collaborative Practice? Better for children • Gives children a voice in the process, alleviating the potential of future trauma that sometimes persists for generations Private • Keeps problems and assets private Less stressful • Improves communication between parties • Keeps control of process with the spouses • Promotes respect and healthier long-term communications Focus on the future Saves time • The process is more efficient, productive and targeted because of the unique structure of the collaborative team Learning Effective Communication Skills • Communication skills acquired during collaborative process may have positive applications outside divorce. (Source: Talking Points adapted from Liz Ferris of Ferris Consulting’s How to Grow your CollaborativePractice workshop)

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