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Shopping for a Divorce Lawyer: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

By Kate Scharff Imagine: You’re sipping coffee, perusing the Sunday paper. Suddenly, you’re jerked from your reverie by an ominous bang. You dash to the basement. Scalding water from your ruptured hot water heater rises around you. As your bare feet blister, you splash to
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Mediation Isn’t Therapy – But Mediators and Therapists Share Common Gifts

“What is the Divorce Mediator’s Role in Addressing the Emotional Challenges of Divorce?” In this article professional Divorce and Family Mediator, David Louis, explores how the divorce mediation process differs from therapy, but identifies common skills shared by man
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Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Are you considering a Collaborative Divorce, but think it must be more expensive than litigation because in addition to the lawyers, mental health and financial professionals are part of the collaborative team? Think again. Here are some of the benefits of Collaborative Divorce: What
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