Testimonials -


  • Leslie is a warm, empathetic lawyer desiring to help couples struggling with divorce complete the process in a manner that lowers their stress and preserves their resources. I witnessed her growth from moving out of a corporate lawyer environment to starting her own practice. Now she is helping many clients with her divorce mediation vs. litigation process. I recommend her to anyone who is considering divorce, and I do it before the lawyers get involved!

    Duncan Tooley, Hypnotherapist
  • Leslie is not only knowledgeable, but kind and understanding. She is the reason that I am in one piece after my divorce. She was able to walk me through the legal aspects as well as the emotional upheaval that accompany the divorce process. I am thankful every day that she is my attorney. I highly recommend her to anyone facing Family Law issues.

    Cynthia Wilson, Realor, Keller Williams Realy
  • Leslie knows the law, always professional and helps parties settle cases fairly without the damaging and costly effects of litigation, especially when there are young children. We're in the same collaborative practice group. She's an attorney with a heart; it's even in her name! 

    David Kuroda, LCSW & Mediation Counseling
  • Leslie Hart is the smartest, kindest, most helpful Family Law Attorney I have ever referred my clients to. I always know they will have a better divorce experience working with her: their kids will do better; their financial situation will be safer; and life will go on more happily.

    Virginia Green, PhD, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist